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Build: 675
Date: 08.12.04

This is a Windows Shell-Extension to manage Folder-JunctionPoints (Reparse-Points)
and File-HardLinks introduced by the MS-Windows 2000 File-System NTFS5
The Application requires Windows 2000 or later.


Rel.: 1.06
Build: 041
Date: 16.10.06

!!Beta Version!! - Please make sure to turn OFF "Secure-Mode" before installing!
This is a Windows Shell-Extension for the Daemon-Tools 4.x. (
It extends the context-menu of ImageFiles supported by Daemon-Tools. (i.e.: *.cue, *.iso, *.ccd ...).
Click , , or to download customized icons.

  awxEditHook   Rel.: 0.35
Build: 124
Date: 25.11.02
This is an application, that extends the Context-Menu of Standard- EditBoxes.
You can extend the functionality of this program by adding Perl-Plugins
  awxSparse   Rel.: 0.50
Build: 135
Date: 25.11.02
Application to create Sparse-Files on NTFS5 (install /uninstall with -i or -u commandline switch)
  awxShellFish   Rel.: 0.82
Build: 754
Date: 15.04.04
This is a Windows Shell-Extension, that lets you specify user-defined actions
for files. (...sounds strange, i know! but try it! you'll like it ;-))
  awxRename Rel.: 0.54
Build: 58
Date: 20.11.06

A Windows Shell-Extension to rename files and/or folders by using perl functions and regular expressions

  awxTarget Rel.: 0.25
Build: 69
Date: 08.08.05

A Windows Shell-Extension to open the target folder(s) of shortcut(s) and to beautify the names of shortcuts

  awxMceIr   Rel.:
Build: 032
Date: 26.07.06

This is an Application, that translates infrared codes from an eHome (MCE) remote controller into normal keystrokes that can be sent to any Window (i.e.: winamp, zoomplayer, etc.)

  awxToolbar Rel.:
Build: 217
Date: 03.12.05

This is a Toolbar for the Windows Explorer. You can define your own toolbar functions via an XML file.


Microsoft© Visual C++ 2005 - Runtime Libraries for x86 and x64 Platforms (needed by some of my applications)

  vc8Redist sp1

Microsoft© Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 - Runtime Libraries for x86 and x64 Platforms (needed by some of my applications)